Mr. Softee and the Surfing Dog

You can forget Ben & Jerry’s. Move over Haagen Dazs. Sorry Breyers. I love Mr. Softee ice cream. Whenever I hear the Mr. Softee jingle playing I run out into the street like a 6 year old to flag down the Mr. Softee truck. Yes, yes, yes, I love Mr. Softee.

But I’m never around when the truck comes through my area. Once in a while I’ll hear, “ta dah duh da da-da duh-duh-duh da-da” but not very often.

A summer without Mr. Softee isn’t a complete summer. This past July and August I was able to have a Mr. Softee sundae just once. Once!!! As Labor Day approached I started thinking about how dreary a winter it would be without a Mr. Softee moment to think about and warm me up.

On the Sunday before Labor Day I drove into my local gas station to fill up my car. As I drove in what did I see at one of the gas pumps but, yes you guessed it, the Mr. Softee truck. The driver was filling up his tank and I was able to pull into the pump right next to his truck.

Did I ask if I could get a Mr. Softee sundae? Of course. The driver finished filling up and pulled his truck over to the parking area to make my wonderful, delicious, scrumptious, yummy caramel sundae! And that was just the start of my day at 9am. Yes, yes, I had a sundae for breakfast.

After Mr. Softee it was down to the beach. Get ready for moment #2.

Walking on the beach I noticed a group of ladies walking their dogs. One of the dogs was a short-haired black Labrador that was having a heckuva time running along the shore.

I took a moment to stand at the edge of the water and stare out over the ocean. Suddenly I felt something cold and damp on the back of my knee. Turning, I saw the Lab sniffing my leg up and down. I gave him a pat on the head, and a rub under his chin.

His tail wagged and even his slobber grinned. Suddenly he darted into the ocean. At the moment the waves were fairly high and I was afraid he might get caught in a rip tide and pulled out. Foolish me.

The Lab went in till the water was up to his chin. Then he turned and faced me on the beach. He treaded water and stayed in one place. I thought he couldn’t get himself out of the water. What he was doing was waiting. Just waiting for the right wave.

Then the right wave came up. It picked him up and thrust him forward. At that moment he pushed all four paws out in spread eagle position and body-surfed right up on to the beach. He then ran over to me, wagged his tail and jumped back into the water and did it again.

Tread water. Catch wave. Body-surf in. Amazing.

Mr. Softee and the Surfing Dog, and all in one day.

Think about it for a moment.


About nhbrownlee

Advertising copywriter, Creative Director and state of New York college professor. I love true stories. Who doesn't?
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