Hard work does pay off

Yesterday my wife and I went to see Jim Dale’s one-man show on Broadway. In case you don’t know who Jim Dale is he’s the star of the hit musical, “Barnum” as well as “Me and My Girl”, the writer of the you-can-turn-your-life around chart-topping song, “Georgy Girl”, Shakespearean actor, British music hall performer, and now all 243 voices in the Harry Potter audio books.  Yes, I said 243 voices!

Mr. Dale’s career covers over 5 decades and has made him one of the most celebrated song and dance men to ever entertain us on the stage, in movies, and now in the digital world.

Sitting there and watching him sing, tell stories and relate tales about his past I was struck that here is a nice guy who has made it.  He told the crowd about his early days in a small English town keeping his family laughing and then his shift to London where he became a writer and singer of pop songs and ultimately to the stage where he discovered his unique ability to make crowds laugh and smile.

In 90 minutes I discovered all I need to know about Jim Dale. He’s a bubbling, energetic, life-loving example of how working hard isn’t just a banal cliche. Here is a man who did it…stuck with what he loves to do…and today is able to share with us the joy of it all!

Mr. Dale made my Sunday afternoon a joy to experience.



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Advertising copywriter, Creative Director and state of New York college professor. I love true stories. Who doesn't?
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